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Navigating Thru Autism

KPKK: Ken. Pat. Ken II. Kiryn.
A Family Invested in Making a Difference in “Helps” Ministry!

About The Book

“Navigating Thru Autism” speaks of a delightful and loving journey of a family, that struck a successful balance between nurturing a son and brother – and steering him into the path of God’s Destiny for his life.
I know Kenneth Jr personally; I’ve been able to witness his transition from a bright youngster, into a wonderful young man. And, YES: he’s charismatic, as this writing attests!
When you read this book you’ll quickly learn how a strong family / “village” support system WILL enable ANY child to achieve his or her very best. I loved the “beats” (pivotal stories) the Swain Family share with us, depicting every wonderful milestone Kenneth Jr. achieved. And the demonstrative love in which he has been able to confide.
There’s nothing like a God-fearing environment in which our children can grow and develop. Kenneth Jr. has a GREAT future ahead! This book inspires us to champion and advocate for our children, the same way!

Dale Ransom, Associate Elder, COGIC

Description About Book

It’s so important to know that you aren’t alone in this journey of life. I felt that way until I started navigating thru autism.

This is a Marathon Site, not a Sprint,
and we’re learning how to NAVIGATE thru life’s challenges!

We are engaging in honest conversations, acknowledging that we are not perfect. We need to talk about the areas in our lives that we know are flawed, and learn how to operate through them. Our family discovered who we are in Christ – navigating thru autism and in other areas of our lives as well. We embraced the navigating through autism process, and clinged to a community, that is insistent on doing the same!

Set sail, as we glide through the weeks and months on this site; with people of faith – that will bring words of encouragement, words of life from the Bible, and you can also purchase the book “Navigating Thru Autism” at a discounted price.

Your comments are most welcomed, that is how we build the community of navigating!

Now let’s journey in spurts, so that we don’t miss anything! You are joining a community that has become our family! My heart has a special yearning for people diagnosed with autism and their families. I love you ALL – and these videos, blogs, quotes and book; will demonstrate how we ALL can navigate through life’s challenges.

God Bless You and I Love You! ❤️